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    The horizontal grain packing machine can be used to pack granules like peanuts,beans, seeds,candies etc. Liquid like shampoo,milk, juiceetc. Paste like tomato paste, mayonnaise, sauceetc.Powder like spice, milk powder,detergent powder, coffeepowderetc.with different,corresponding measuring and filling device.
    Main Features
    1. The machine can automatic finish bag forming, filling, easy tear notch making, print date, finished bag discharged.
    2. Reclosable zipper, spout, nitrogen flushing, unique bag shape, hole and round corner punching are optional.
    Technical Parameters
    Bag Size(W*L)90-180mm*110-250mm
    Packing Capacity40-70bags/min
    Filling Capacity1000ml
    Machine Dimensions6600mm*1100mm*1500mm
    Machine Weight2100kg
    Machine FunctionDo pack, Shape, Hanging hole, Zipper, Spoutbuy Packing Machines


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