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    Jiangsu Starlight Generating Equipment Co.,Ltd is a professional container generator manufacturer and supplier in China specializing in exporting quality container generator. If you want to discuss the price or buy enclosure generator, self running generator, container genset, welcome to contact our factory.
    Container generator
    Starlight diesel generator standard type and mute type:
    1 according to the international standard container design and manufacture, the following 1000KVA uses 20 feet, 1250KVA above adopts 40 feet;
    2 with the international container safety convention CSC certification, the whole group can be directly used as a standard container shipping, greatly saving the cost of transportation;
    3 the container is provided with two explosion-proof lamps and a lamp, which is provided with an explosion-proof lamp, which is convenient for users to operate and maintain;
    The 4 container before or after the door, the box are arranged on both sides of the side door, convenient maintenance and repair, the ladder outside the box;
    5 of all locks, hinges, bolts are made of stainless steel, container installed anti waves, prevent water intrusion device;
    6 the control panel and the output switch cabinet in the same side of the container, convenient user daily operation and output cable connection;
    7 standard equipped with permanent excitation PMG system, provide the motor starting ability and anti disturbance of waveform distortion;
    8 fuel tanks and pipelines, oil discharge silencer, etc. there are many unique design features, favored by users;
    9 static speakers arranged in a high performance aging flame retardant insulation material and sound-absorbing materials, into the exhaust noise with wonderful design!
    Optional purchase parts: fuel pump automatically add (or control valve) / coolant pump / water separator / add double automatic parallel systembuy Special genset


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